Outfit of the Week: Bloody Annie

Yesterday was my first day back to work and I am in what my co-teacher calls a “vacation high” because I am so relaxed and had time to de-stress so all of my students are cute little angels and the small annoying things that bother me normally are tolerable. Usually this lasts about a week then I am back to my normal grumpy self but hopefully I can make this one last until my next trip or at least until the holidays.

Today I am getting back into the blogger routine of photo shoots, editing, writing and social media which is the fun part of my week and I am happily working.

This outfit was one that I wanted to bring on my trip before I realized how much I would be walking and the skirt is not nearly long enough to hide shorts under so I decided against it.

This is a lightweight denim dress by Dickies that I ordered from Dolls Kill. The style reminds me of those “sexy mechanic” halloween costumes but in a good and wearable way. As much as I love this dress I do feel like sizing up would be a good idea, I got an XL and it fits pretty tight on my tummy and arms.

I paired the dress with my fishnet shirt by Killstar along with fishnet stockings and my go to black boots.


Dress- Dolls Kill

Fishnet Top- Killstar

Hair- Lime Crime “Jello”

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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