Outfit of the Week: Blood Moon


It is the end of September which, in Minnesota, means only about a month until snow. Today’s outfit is a small rebellion against the cold and six month winter that is quickly approaching.

Blackcraft Cult is one of my favorite brands for t-shirts and this is the shirt that I wear most from cute outfits like this to grocery runs. This design comes in black and this red dye called “Blood Moon”, usually ¬†always go for the black option but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this.

Along with the shirt I stole this hat from the husband’s collection since he is also a fan of the brand. When it comes to hats, I tend to stick with my normal witchy wide-brimmed look and I have never really tried this style until I wore this one. I also added my favorite pair of vegan leather leggings from Killstar and combat boots.


Shirt- Blackcraft Cult

Hat- Blackcraft Cult

Pants- Killstar

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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