Earworm no.7


I have been in a weird music phase this month. Usually I am constantly listening to punk, classic rock or metal but lately I have been obsessed with this music that I really don’t know what genre it is. I am assuming that it is some kind of country or bluegrass because of the use of banjo and southern themes but there is a lot of punk attitude. There are a ton of musicians that fit into this but the one that I am most excited about is The Dead South.

The Dead South is a Canadian ensemble that formed in 2013. They are a band that only uses string instruments, which is so strange to me but somehow I don’t even miss the drums when I listen to them.

The video for their song “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” went viral and that is how I discovered their music but it is not the song that I am going to be focusing on today. I am in love with “That Bastard Son” which is from the same album. It is always difficult to determine what songs are about, unless it’s a stupid pop song, it’s just how individuals interpret lyrics. This song is so obviously angry and sad, the stereotypical guy trying to hide his pain. I love it.

I highly recommend this band. If you know what this genre is called please let me know, I have heard Outlaw Country but I don’t think it fits there. Go follow them on Facebook and Instagram, you can find their music on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Pandora.

Visit their website thedeadsouth.com to learn more about the band and tour dates.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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