Outfit of the Week: Red, Goth and Blue

I am one of those people who will see the same bands over and over, every time they are in town even though you hear mostly the same songs every time. Every Time I Die is one of those bands that my husband and I go see about once per year. I started listening to them in 2011 when I discovered Warped Tour and bought as many of their compilation CDs as possible. I think we have seen them close to 10 times.

This year at Warped Tour, Every Time I Die’s guitarist Jordan Buckley, had a separate merch tent from the band that had his personal shirts. He is a great artist and I have been following him online for a while just to see what he has been working on. The shirt I am wearing in today’s outfit is one of Jordan’s designs. I love band tees but I don’t always want to wear a logo, I thought this was the perfect way for me to support Jordan and avoid people reading my shirt all day but they still ended up staring at this great design.

I paired the shirt with a red skirt that almost matches the red used in the skull and one of my favorite o-ring chokers. I am also wearing my go-to boots that I have worn for almost every OOTW in the past few months, I promise I will change it up soon but that is not happening today.


Shirt- JBWW

Skirt- Forever 21 (sold out but here is a similar one)

Lipstick- Kat Von D “Witches”

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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