Outfit of the Week: Mode Goth


When it comes to my style I always try to research trends and subcultures around the world to incorporate into my outfits. I found Japanese Mode to be one that I particularly love because it is modern and dark. The silhouettes that are used are meant to be loose and almost shapeless to make something ambiguous.

I thought of mode fashion the moment that I saw this skirt dress by Marigold Shadows so I made this outfit as close to the trend as I could by layering a white t-shirt and adding one of my favorite wide-brimmed hats and my platform oxfords. I also did very simple makeup, no contouring or bold eyeshadow, to really focus on the clothing.

I also wanted to show two ways to wear this since it is such a versatile skirt so it can be worn as a dress, suspender skirt or the straps can be taken off to make it a normal skirt. Wearing this as a suspender skirt or without straps allows for a graphic tee or a more intricate top than wearing it as a dress. It also adds quite a bit of length if you don’t want it too short. As always, Marigold Shadows does one size in their clothing, check measurements before ordering.


Skirt- Marigold Shadows

Shirt- Local Boogeyman

Lipstick- Kat Von D “Witches”

Hat- Target

Let me know what you think of the Mode style down in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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