Monthly Obsessions: August

August has been a great month; stores have Halloween decor, I have been a lot more social and the Minnesota State Fair is happening right now. There is 22 days left of summer and I am so excited for this heat to go away. Surprisingly I haven’t done much shopping this month but here are a few things I have really enjoyed this month.

Bones Coffee

I have a Keurig and hate using the K-cups so I recently got one of those My K-Cups so that I can use any ground coffee without throwing out so much plastic. I am so happy that I discovered Bones Coffee Co, they have such unique flavors. I got their pick your own flavor sample pack with Strawberry Cheesecake, PB&J, French Toast, Salted Caramel and Jack O’Lantern. They also included a small sample of their new Paradise Pie flavor. I thought key lime pie would be a weird flavor for coffee but it is actually really good and summery. If you love coffee I highly recommend you try Bones Coffee. Order your sample pack here, they also have a whole bean version.

At Home- Witch Sign

I know that I already posted a Summer Halloween Haul but I recently went back to At Home and found this for one of the tables in my living room. I have made this end table completely unusable but looking cute is more important sometimes. At Home does not do online orders but you can see if they have it at your local store here.

Blackcraft Cult- Witching Hour Hat

I have had this hat for a while and I still wear it at least once a week. it goes with most of my closet and is great at hiding a bad hair day. This isn’t my only wide-brimmed witchy hat but it is by far my favorite. There is only one size and it is pretty big which is great for big hair styles. Get yours here.

Thelma’s Treats

I know that this company is only in a few states so far but I had to mention how much I love this ice cream sandwich. Think of a fruit pizza, the sugar cookie crust, cream cheese spread and fruit topping, that is exactly how this tastes but in ice cream form. I hope that Thelma’s is a company in Iowa but they have expanded to surrounding states and I am so happy that my local grocery store carries their products. Here is their website.


Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.39.35 PM

I used to watch Supernatural a lot but I have missed the last few seasons so I started watching it on Netflix from the first season. I forgot how much I love this show. If you haven’t seen Supernatural, you need to. Even though I am not a religious person, I have read the bible and the way that they portray biblical figures is very accurate to how they are portrayed in the book which is great because I hate that angels are always seen as perfect and wonderful when really they should be soldiers that are insanely jealous of humans and Lucifer is only considered bad because he was honest about it.

Do you like any of this month’s favorites? Let me know down in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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