A Year of Blogging

This post marks a year since I started The Curvy Alt-Girl. It has been so much fun sharing my style and life with all of you and I can’t wait for what this next year will bring. Today we will be looking back at the 10 most popular outfits from this past year.

10. Pentagrams in the Snow

This look from February comes in tenth place and is one of my personal favorite winter looks. I recreated this at least once per week for at least three months. It also started my obsession with finding ways to wear animal and human bones.

9. Lace and Crushed Velvet

Number 9 was posted to celebrate becoming a Target affiliate. Unfortunately I am the worst at remembering to take advantage of being an affiliate and have made a total of $0 but it was such a great feeling to get the acceptance email.

8. Lazy Atheist

Being an atheist is a big part of my life but posting this outfit made me so nervous because people can be so mean and judgmental over something as dumb and insignificant as religious beliefs. It makes me so happy that this made it in my top 10.

7. Pentagram Date Night

I love this dress so much. Unfortunately this was during the period when I was being overly experimental with photo locations. I wish I would have just done this in one of my normal spots.

6. My Husband Picks My Outfit

My husband was so proud of this look and I am honestly insanely surprised that it made it on the list. I wasn’t a huge fan of the look but Husband/Boyfriend posts were so popular when I did this that I give full credit to the trend.

5. Melancholy Denim

Blue denim is far from my favorite so this was a challenge for me. I don’t know how it got to fifth but probably because it’s a very normal look compared to everything else.

4. Pastels?

Pastels? I usually hate them but I actually ended up wearing this shirt so much this spring. I don’t know what happened.

3. Adults Only

This shirt came from my Local Boogeyman Mystery Box. It is the softest shirt ever with the most subtly dirty message I have ever owned.

2. Baphomet Pentagram Bodycon

As much as I love my body and try to promote body positivity, this was a difficult one to post even though I was wearing Spanx. it was the first “revealing” outfit that I posted. It’s so weird that this made me uncomfortable when I currently wear crop tops and mesh clothing that I never would have thought of sharing a year ago.

1. Avant Garde Goth

My most popular post just happens to be the only outfit that has been supported and shared by the brand I wore. Marigold Shadows is an amazing brand and I am so grateful to them for bringing so many of you here.

Which of these was your favorite? Did your favorite look make the list? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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  1. Happy blogiversary!! Number 10 pentagrams in the snow is my favourite, you look so good and the photos are so cute! x


    1. Thank you! I love that one too

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey sweetie!Hope you won’t mind checking out content of a newbie and show some love by following.


  3. Congrats on a year of blogging! It’s crazy how fast it goes by!

    xo Logan

    Liked by 1 person

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