Outfit of the Week: Yellow Plaid


Does anyone else go into short phases where you constantly watch the same movie over an over or listen to the same song on repeat for days at a time? That is currently happening me with Bo Burnham. I have been alternating between What. and Make Happy for the past four or five days. Bo is one of my favorite comedians, I saw him live during the Make Happy tour and I watch everything he does. I promise I’m not obsessed.

He recently came out with a movie called 8th Grade and it made me think about what 8th grade was like for me, how 13 year old Kaylie wished she could look and the kinds of people I used to look up to. This outfit was inspired by how I felt and looked in 2008.

This yellow plaid set is from target and I was so excited when I found it because I have been looking for a cute yellow plaid outfit for a long time and they either don’t come in my size or are insanely expensive. This one comes in regular and plus sizes which is amazing and could be styled in so many ways but I prefer the grungy punk style as always, with fishnets and boots. I also added my favorite handbag from Killstar, the Grave Digger Skull.


*this contains an affiliate link*

Top- Target

Skort- Target

Handbag- Killstar

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 1.42.11 PM

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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