Mixing All of My Hair Dye

I have started the horrible habit of ordering an extra jar of dye every time I want to change my hair color which has led to a shelf of random colors in my bathroom. Today I decided to get rid of a few of these by mixing them together. I used jar of Lime Crime’s Aesthetic which is mauve, a jar of Manic Panic’s Raven which is black and a packet of Lime Crime’s On Mute which is one of their mixers that adds a grey tone to the color you put it in.

I did not have any expectations of how I wanted this color to turn out but I am so happy with it. I love how the light affects what color stands out, yellow light makes it look dark red, natural light makes it look very grey toned and low light makes it look black. I also love how subtle it can be what I put my hair up for when I am at work and have to talk to my student’s parents since I have to be somewhat professional sometimes.


Lime Crime Aesthetic

Lime Crime On Mute

Manic Panic Raven

What do you think of how the color turned out? Should I do this again with some more bold colors?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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