Outfit of the Week: DIY Punk


Underneath all of the nugoth, witchy, rocker chick clothing I wear all of the time, I consider myself a punk. To me, punk is unique, homemade, dirty, attitude, anti-everything. Punk might be missing in the world but it is living in me. It is a part of my style and personality that I don’t show off enough here so for today I dug into my closet and decided to show off this DIY vest again, here is how I made it.

I paired the vest with a fishnet shirt, vegan leather leggings, and my go to boots. I wanted this outfit to have the same feel as the punks in the 70s except I refuse to use that much hairspray to make liberty spikes or a mohawk.


Fishnet Shirt- Killstar

Leggings- Killstar

Lipstick- “Chill Zone” Smashbox

Which subculture would you bring back or make more popular if you could? Would it be the anti-government punks? Peaceful Hippies? Victorian Goths?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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