Outfit of the Week: Happy Warped Tour Day

Sunday I went to the Vans Warped Tour for my 7th year in a row. Sadly this summer is their last tour and I wanted to share my outfit and how my day went.

Warped Tour Day is now an official holiday in Minnesota. Our governor signed the proclamation last week to make July 22 a state holiday, for 22 years the Vans Warped Tour has stopped in the Twin Cities, I am happy that Governor Dayton realizes how important this event is for so many people. Sadly, Sunday was the last time the tour would be in town, even if the continue a partial tour, I doubt they would stop here.

Here are the bands that we saw throughout the day:

– Necrogoblikon

– The Maine

– Senses Fail

– Chelsea Grin

– Motionless in White

– Reel Big Fish

– Simple Plan

– Every Time I Die

It was a pretty odd mix of bands but I enjoyed seeing all of them. I was shocked that even after all of these years Simple Plan still sounds exactly like their albums which is impressive when you have been performing for over 20 years.

My outfit for the day was comfortable and easy. Contrary to most festival-goers, I try to cover as much skin as possible to avoid sunburn. I always wear long pants and a t-shirt to Warped but this year I kind of ignored my own advice by wearing black. I also wore my go-to black boots which ended up being fine since I wear them all the time anyways. No blisters and the only sunburn I got is on the back of my neck and ears (I always forget about the ears when applying sunscreen). I went with no makeup this year so I could apply sunscreen rather than using foundation with SPF. Check out my Music Festival Guide to see what I brought in my backpack.


Shirt- Local Boogeyman @ Dollskill

Leggings- Dollskill

I had so much fun this weekend and I hope that they continue the tour in some form so that I can continue this tradition even if I have to travel.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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