Outfit of the Week: Goth Mary Poppins?

I can be so forgetful. I have had this dress for a few months now and I have worn it a few times but I completely forgot that I bought it specifically for a OOTW post back in April. The first time I wore it was for dinner on our wedding anniversary and my husband told me it made me look like a “goth Mary Poppins” because it is a pretty traditional gothic style and I had it paired with a black pea coat and my hair curled and pinned back.

Wearing all black can make it hard to distinguish shapes and turn you into a black blob in photos but I think the ice sleeves, leather collar and the cut of the dress helps to give enough detail that you don’t lose your shape. Luckily it is still on the Disturbia website and is now on sale. But, if you want it you need to hurry, it is almost sold out.


I typically wear dresses with pantyhose to make my legs look more smooth but in this case I feel like it helps make this look like a very modernVictorian goth look which is a strange phrase but it makes sense in my head.

If you have been reading my OOTW posts for a while, you know I like to use shoes to add a pop of color to my outfits and while this one is subtle I really love these Guess booties and how they take three colors that a lot of people have trouble putting together and make them look good. Black with dark blue/navy is one that many people can’t accept and blue with pink is seen as childish. I am all about breaking the rules and making my own, which is probably why I was drawn to them.



Dress- Disturbia

Shoes- G by Guess

Lipstick- NYX Lingerie “Bedtime Flirt”

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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