Outfit of the Week: Sporty Satan


Why is it that I can never pick an outfit when I have somewhere I need to be? On any random day I can just grab and go but on days like this deciding what to wear takes forever. It took me about an hour of going through my closet and throwing garments everywhere to finally decide on this outfit for an afternoon of arcade games and pizza at our favorite arcade bar, Up Down, with some friends.


I never buy anything from Adidas because I don’t have much use for workout gear but I found this skirt at Nordstrom’s during my last trip to the mall. I have been wearing skirts and shorts with suspenders a lot this summer and I really liked the design of this one. Because it is made by Adidas it is comfortable and easy to move in, the nude stripes on the side makes it a bit difficult to pair with tops but I actually don’t mind how it looks with the white graphics on my Blackcraft Cult tee.


Sadly it was pretty crowded at Up Down so we couldn’t take all of the photos there but I will try going there again for a different outfit, the decor and lighting is great.


Shirt- Blackcraft Cult

Skirt- Adidas

Lipstick- NYX Lip Lingerie “Beauty Mark”

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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