My Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summer the favorite season of kids, teachers and fans of festivals. It is the season of swimming, state fairs and long days. But, it can be difficult to have distinct differences between your Spring and Summer wardrobes especially when the two are always lumped together. I always try to make the two very distinctly different in my wardrobe and these are a few things I do to make my summer closet unique.

Brighten Up Your Palette

If you like to follow the trends and wore pastels this spring with out some of those pieces for brighter ones. It doesn’t have to be neon bright but switching to something with more pigment takes you to summer with minimal effort.

Mesh and Chiffon

I love mesh and chiffon. They are both light materials that are great for layering or hinting at “nudity” which is always popular during the warmer months. A mesh top over a cool bra or light chiffon skirt are great ways to incorporate these into your wardrobe. I also love mesh bodysuits to make me more comfortable wearing crop tops.

Light Layering

Layering is important all year but it’s so difficult in the summer when it is hot and we all want to be wearing the least amount of clothing possible but to avoid a boring outfit add a long sleeve mesh top or jacket, fishnets for layering on the bottom half, or any other lightweight pieces you want to add.

Avoiding Chaffing

If you don’t have a thigh gap then you have probably dealt with chaffing. Shorts and skirts are great but sometimes the lack of fabric causes horrible pain. I have learned a couple of tricks to keep the thighs pain free including boxer briefs that hide nicely under mid-thigh length skirts and blister balms for the days when briefs can’t be hidden. There are a ton of brands of each so find the ones that work for you but personally I like the Under Armour 9 inch Boxerjocks and Body Glide Balm (I also like the Band Aide brand’s).

What are your Summer staples? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading

See you Tuesday


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