Outfit of the Week: New Moon

Yesterday was my birthday and I still celebrate like I did as a child going to my favorite restaurant with people I love and opening cards and gifts while eating more dessert than anyone should ever have. I have never understood why people in their twenties go out drinking for their birthdays, I guess I am either too young or old mentally to enjoy that.

Living downtown Minneapolis means I am within walking distance of so many amazing restaurants and since I wanted to photograph this outfit I decided to do the photoshoot on the walk to the restaurant which was strange to me to be walking down the street and have people walk past rather than finding a specific, isolated spot but it was really fun and I will definitely be doing more shoots like this.


I chose this look for diner because it is comfortable and the flowing skirt hides the food baby. I have actually worn this exact outfit every weekend this month because I love it so much and it looks good without much effort. I paired the Killstar skirt with a basic black bodysuit and my go to combat boots along with a witchy wide-brimmed hat. The pattern on the skirt keeps it from looking too simple and the high low look shows off my legs and makes them look longer.


Skirt- Killstar

Lipstick- Lord & Berry “Intimacy”

Hair color- Lime Crime

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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