Earworm no. 4

Being a young millennial, I spend way too much time on the internet. I am constantly checking social media, shopping and scrolling. This is usually a problem but sometimes the endless scrolling leads you to something unexpected. I love all kinds of music but I am particularly interested in music from other countries where english is not the main language. Sadly being from midwestern United States, learning a second language is not a priority and many people are very against anything other than english being spoken in the country at all. The other day I was watching videos of musicians I like on Facebook and the next recommended video was one that said “Indian Street Metal” which seemed weird since I was unaware of any metal bands from India but I immediately loved the song and followed their page.

The song is Ari Ari by Bloodywood, a band that started in 2016 and has two members (Karan & Jayant) from New Delhi, featuring Raoul Kerr and is a cover of the song by Bombay Rockers. I love the use of traditionally Indian instruments like the flute to make sure that there is no mistaking where this music is from even though it is a metal version. There is english in Raoul’s parts of the song so I wasn’t completely guessing at the meaning behind the song. Visually the video is interesting with the guys walking and riding a horse and camel through the city streets, clips of people in the community and the dancers.

These guys mostly do covers but I really hope they continue with this sound and hopefully release original songs because I really love this and would listen to an entire album with this fusion of traditional Indian and metal.


Please go check them out on Facebook or Instagram. They also have a Patreon to fund their music, which you can also buy or listen to on iTunes.

Also, let me know of any foreign bands that you love or if you are not from the US tell me a band you think I should check out from your country down in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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