Outfit of the Week: Welcome to the Family

This past weekend was completely insane for The Curvy Alt-Girl. Thanks to Marigold Shadows and last week’s OOTW post, there are so many more of you and I wanted to use this post to welcome everyone that subscribed, followed and visited for the first time during this week. I am extremely grateful. Now let’s get to the clothes.

Sometimes I think that I wear Killstar too often but I can’t resist because they are constantly releasing new collections and they are one of the few brands that I like and can fit into since most of what they sell goes up to XL or XXL. Unfortunately a lot of designers and brands don’t think about the fact that the average size of women is around a US 12/14 and don’t even include those and when they do either the fit is poor or the selection sucks. Luckily Killstar has a few items that could fit up to a US 16 or 18. I know that there are many women that don’t fit in to those sizes so keep an eye out for my favorite plus size brands and stores that will be up very soon.

For this particular outfit I got the Gia Lace Tunic from Killstar. I am wearing an XXL, I probably could have gotten away with an XL but I always just get the biggest size they have just in case. I am always worried about garments that are completely made with lace because I am not always as careful as I should be and rip them but I was surprised at how sturdy this seems to be, its like it was made with people like me in mind. Also, the amount of stretch is great in this piece.

I paired the tunic with a nude jumpsuit that has a black mesh overlay on the botton half to help create the illusion that I am only wearing the lace top and pants so that there is nothing to distract from the lace. I am also wearing a pair of Steve Madden mules that I love. They are comfortable, convenient and they have bees. What more could you want?


Tunic- Killstar

Shoes- Steve Madden (these are kind of old so they are kind of hard to find now but here is the new version)

Lipstick- NYX “Stone Fox” + a shimmer blue pigment on top

I want to start posting more often so let me know in the comments what you would want to see. More reviews of new brands, music, DIYs? You can comment below or on any of my social media that is linked at the top of the page.

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Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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