Prepping My Emergency Bag

This week was a difficult one. Tuesday night the building where I live had an electrical fire and we had to evacuate. During the insanity of this I realized that I don’t have a plan when it comes to emergencies, I quickly grabbed my phone and hedgehog and my husband got his phone, keys and wallet. Everything else was left behind. But what if we weren’t able to go home the next morning like some of our neighbors?

Because of this, I put together a bag that would be able to get us through a couple of days if we needed it to. Here is what I put in it:

  • an extra set of clothes for each of us
  • shoes
  • water bottle
  • a container of food for Hannibal
  • Phone cords and a charged power banks
  • protein bars
  • a blanket
  • a flashlight
  • an umbrella
  • travel size toiletries
  • Mini sewing kit

We also have all of our important documents like birth certificates and social security cards in a small fire and water proof safe so that we won’t have to worry about them being damaged or trying to remember to bring them with us if we need to get out quickly. If you rent an apartment or house please make sure you have renters insurance because one of my neighbors that had a lot of water damage from sprinklers and the fire hoses now has to replace all of her belongings out of pocket.

You always think that these things happen to other people, they would never happen to you but, there is always a chance and it is better to be prepared and never have to use it than to be unprepared and have nothing. I live in the midwest so we also have tornadoes, floods, and severe winter storms that can cause damage and/or power outages so this small kit can be helpful in all of these situations.


I know that this is an odd post for me but I hope that this can help someone to be more prepared for these kinds of situations. Have you gone through anything similar to this?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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