Outfit of the Week: Avant Garde Goth



I recently found the brand Marigold Shadows on Instagram. Their designs are so unique and modern which is not something that I would think of as accessible to me but their clothing is affordable (average of around $60) and not so dramatic that you wouldn’t be able to wear it.

I was wary of all of the items being one size especially being a plus sized woman (XL-1X depending on the brand). The website is extremely helpful with measurements listed in all of the product descriptions and what appears to be a great return/exchange policy so I felt comfortable ordering pieces that seemed like they would fit the best and fit my personal style.


For this outfit I wore their Androla Asymmetrical Pleat Blouse in black, they also have this in white. You can probably tell that the bust area was a bit tight for me but other than that one struggling button I think it fits well and does a great job at hiding my tummy. Other than the slight fitting issue the material is soft and comfortable, it is light enough to wear on warmer days without feeling sweaty and gross. Overall I am extremely happy with my first purchase and I look forward to many more in the future.



Blouse- Marigold Shadows

Pants- Forever 21

Lipstick- NYX “Stone Fox”

What do you think of this everyday avant garde look?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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  1. R.L. Gibson says:

    From one busty gal to another. . . Wear a low cut tank underneath, then use a black button extender on the “struggling” button, leave everything above unbuttoned. You’ll get the look you love with a little cleavage to boot. 🙂

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