Outfit of the Week: Pentagram Date Night

Living near the Mall of America is boring most of the time and locals never go there but for our date night we are super excited to experience the new movie theatre that was just opened. It is the epitome of obnoxious with huge recliners that have built-in tables so that you can eat diner while watching the film. The food isn’t normal theatre popcorn and hotdogs either, there are four restaurants just within the theatre. I wore this outfit the other day for photos and decided to wear the exact same thing for date night, so these photos are from before I dyed my hair pink.

I dressed pretty simply with just a cute skater dress from Killstar, combat boots, a belt and my pentagram handbag. I also added a skeleton hand choker and hair clip from H&Ms Halloween jewelry from last year. I’m usually one to overdress but I also want to be comfortable to eat and lounge. This dress is so soft, lightweight and comfortable so it is perfect for today which is why I recreated this look for the day.





I am so excited for tonight and Deadpool 2. What is your favorite thing to do for date night?

Thank you so much for reading

See you Saturday


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