Dying My Hair Pink!

Now that I finally have a job that doesn’t care about my hair, or just ignores it, I decided to try a different brand and color. This time I tried Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair dye in Bubblegum Rose with On Mute.

I have heard some amazing things about Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair dyes and how much pigment they have. I did follow the advice on their website about how much to buy but I think I underestimated how much hair I have and should have purchased 3 jars. I would recommend only getting the sample packettes for the mixers unless you want it to be mostly grey because the On Mute adds a ton of color, I only used one of the packettes with two jars of dye to go from bubblegum pink to magenta. I originally wanted the super bright bubblegum pink color but got nervous and darkened it.

The process of dying was simple basically make sure your hair is clean, put the dye on, sit and rinse. I let the dye sit for about two hours before rinsing. It does have a very chemically scent which is normal but I was surprised that it left my hair feeling so soft and conditioned.

I am happy with how the color looks now, we will see how it looks after a few washes. I’m hoping that this will be my go to brand since they have such a great color selection. If you want to try it for yourself check it out here.

What color should I do next?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


4 Comments Add yours

  1. What colour did your hair start as?


    1. I forgot a before pic! It was a medium blonde/ light brown. I’m surprised it turned out so bright.


      1. I see! So about the middle ground then? Thats cool it came it really well! 🙂

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  2. So far I really like it. Hopefully it fades nicely


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