Outfit of the Week: Melancholy Denim

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day this past weekend and that you were able to tell the mothers in your life how important and wonderful they are. I live pretty far from my parents so I made my weekly phone call on Sunday to catch up with what was going on back home.

Aside from the holiday this weekend was pretty great for me. I finally posted a new DIY and it was so nice outside that I was able to walk through downtown to run my errands which is one of my favorite things in the spring and summer. I wore this outfit for getting groceries and going to Target. It was great because the day started out cool and got warmer but I stayed comfortable all day.

My favorite piece is definitely the top from Disturbia. The material is soft and stretchy, it has a mock neck and the red embroidery says “Melancholie”. I have always heard to never wear horizontal stripes because it will make you look bigger but the problem isn’t the stripes, its how you wear them. Don’t avoid something you like just because of some old fashion rule.

I paired the shirt with a some of my favorite Killstar leggings. I am getting my use out of these before it gets too hot for vegan leather. I also wanted to add a bit of color to the look with one of my husband’s denim shirts and my trusty green docs.

What is your favorite way to spend a lovely spring weekend?


Shirt- Disturbia

Pants- Killstar

Lipstick- Jeffree Star “Rose Matter”

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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