Outfit of the Week: Pastels?


Today’s outfit is going against everything I said about my Spring wardrobe. I’m wearing pastels. I know I said I would never do it and I’m still unsure about adding these colors to my closet but I just couldn’t resist ordering this shirt from Killstar.

I am a sucker for extra long tees so I had to order this one and I love the feeling of it, it is so comfortable. Long tees always have the risk of bunching up when you walk if they go past the crotch area which this one does so I don’t mind that but it is sad that they put the logo there so it can’t be read when you are walking, that said, I really like the moon graphic and when you are posing for a photo it looks great with the logo below it. I’m not sure if I would add more pastels to my wardrobe but I think this will become a great spring and summer staple.

I have a weird thing for leather/pleather pants that I can’t stop giving in to, obviously, since I just had to get these leggings that I didn’t need. These are great for warmer weather since they are thinner than other pairs that I own so they aren’t as constricting and more flexible.

This is a pretty simple outfit but who doesn’t love a t-shirt and leggings on a warm spring day?


Shirt- Killstar

Leggings- Killstar

Boots- Dolls Kill

What do you think of wearing pastels?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Cat says:

    I love pastels but it’s funny that I don’t own any clothing. Love the T-shirt!

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  2. SIA says:

    I looooove pastels, sometimes. Hehe who are we kidding? I have to force myself to wear purple.

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  3. Brevenchy says:

    The shoes look sick! Are they heavy?
    -Brian M.

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    1. They are pretty light weight compared to similar ones I have 🖤☠️🖤

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