Obsessions of the Month: April

This month I decided to get serious about eating healthy again. I’m not worried about losing weight but I do want to have more energy and feel better. I have been working out and spending my afternoons cooking. Its been an odd transition but it will be worth it. Here are a few of my favorite things from April:

Maria Emmerich Cookbooks

I have a love for cookbooks especially these Ketogenic books by Maria Emmerich. When I get a new one I mark all of the recipes that I can’t wait to try and pick my favorites to use in my meal plan for the week (this week will be recipes from Keto Comfort Foods). I love that Maria includes approved ingredients and tons of useful advice for anyone starting a low carb/ keto diet. I was on the diet for about six months last year but slowly gave up when the holidays came around. Now I am finally motivated to start up again and unlike last time I have cleaned out everything in my kitchen that might tempt me so I won’t cheat. I previously lost 30 pounds on Keto but gained it back. Lets see if I can get back to normal with the help of Maria Emmerich. You can find all of her books on her Amazon page.

Athleta Front Zip Stealth Bra

Being a large chested woman I have struggled to find a good sports bra that holds everything down and makes it more comfortable to run. Luckily Athleta has this amazing high impact front zip bra that constricts enough that they don’t move but is comfortable enough to wear for an hour run without chest or shoulder pain. If this one doesn’t appeal to you they have so many great options at varying price points (this one is a bit more expensive than most). Find yours here.

Thor Ragnarok

When I’m snacking on the couch after work I always binge watch tv shows or check out movies that I haven’t seen yet. Usually I like to see Marvel movies in the theatre but lately I haven’t wanted to deal with the other people and prefer waiting until I can rent them on Amazon Prime. Last week I finally got around to watching Thor Ragnarok and proceeded to watch it over and over until the rental expired. I know that some critics didn’t like all of the comedy but I liked the break from the normal serious super hero movies. I also appreciated the Sherlock references during the Dr. Strange scenes. If you haven’t seen it, I do recommend this movie.


I never download new social media apps until after they become “the next big thing” that everyone has to have but I kept seeing ads for Holonis and decided to check it out. Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of people on there yet but if it does grow to the popularity of Twitter or Instagram the other companies should be scared. The layout looks similar to Instagram but with the ability to share posts. There are way more options for posting such as blog posts called Pages that can be sorted into Channels and you can sell products in a similar way to Etsy. This app combines parts of all of your favorite apps on your phone. If you are curious about what Holonis is you can check them out at www.holonis.com or download from the app store.

Demonic Pinfestation

Not surprisingly I found another online shop to obsess over. I have been working on customizing a denim jacket lately and this jarred specimen pin collection goes perfectly with the anatomical/medical theme. Apart from enamel pins this company makes stickers and patches. Their products are horror and oddity themed but you need to be fast when a new collection comes out so you don’t miss your favorite characters. I can’t wait to make my next purchase. Visit their site here and support this amazing business.

Let me know in the comments which of these things would you obsess over?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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