Places I Love In My Hometown

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I love being in Minneapolis. This city is a great mix of being in small town midwest and a big city, similar to Chicago but not as intimidating. Before I moved here I lived in a very small town with small-minded people and moving here has put me in better surroundings while still being only a road trip away from my family.

Here is a short list of my all time favorite places to visit:

US Bank Stadium

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Even though I am not a fan of football I can’t deny that this stadium is a beautiful building and one of the few professional stadiums to be in the downtown of a city, most are on the outskirts of the city they are located in. In February the Super Bowl was here and took over the streets around my apartment, that was an amazing experience but I think actually going to a game or event in the stadium is a great way to spend an evening in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

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Another location that I love to walk to is the very popular sculpture garden featuring the Spoon Bridge and Cherry piece that is extremely well-known in the area. Being the state of ten thousand lakes it isn’t that surprising that there are a ton of lakes and parks throughout the city but this is definitely my favorite one to walk through.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art or MIA is my favorite museum to visit and I have been there so many times that I lost count. Last March they had the Guillermo Del Toro Exhibit  and I loved it so much that I visited twice. I am also a member of the museum which is a great program for anyone that lives anywhere near Minneapolis because you get discounted tickets to special exhibits, lectures and classes. General admission to the main parts of the museum is free and additional exhibits vary in price but generally stay under $25.

Mall of America

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The mall with the largest collection of stores, restaurants and attractions in the world is located in the suburb of Bloomington. Usually locals don’t visit but I like to get all of my shopping done in one place so I go there about once a month to refresh my wardrobe. Obviously a mall is for shopping but this one has a theme park with roller coasters and themed rides in the center and an aquarium in the bottom level. I have also heard that they are planning to add a water park in the building.

Hell’s Kitchen

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Hell’s Kitchen is probably my favorite restaurant. Hell is the theme that goes into the food, decor and the fact that it is located in a basement. The theme is great but the food is even better. Everything is made from scratch down to even the ketchup, peanut butter and mayo which makes it all taste even better. The menu isn’t extremely fancy or expensive but it does represent the area well with the Juicy Lucifer burger and tons of walleye. In addition to all of this there is a bakery above them called Angel Food Bakery that has the best cakes (it is where I always get birthday cakes).

Visit their site here.

These are just a few of the places that I love and visiting them could make a great weekend.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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