Dyeing My Hair

I have always been obsessed with dyeing my hair. In high school I was rewarded for good grades with new hair every couple of months (which resulted in never getting below a B all four years). When I started working however I had to go back to being natural for job interviews and when I became a teacher I never had the opportunity. Technically colored hair is frowned upon at my job but after seeing many women with pink and maroon hair and my boss not caring I finally have the chance to bring a little part of my personality to my job.

I have never dyed my own hair since I have trusted the same amazing woman to do my hair for the past 8 or so years but I live about 4 hours away from her now and still haven’t found a good replacement so, after seeing ads for Loreal’s new Feria Glam Grunge collection I decided I would try it.

I obviously know that brands edit photos on packaging so I didn’t expect the color to turn out exactly how it was advertised, especially since it looks very grey on the model but the name says teal. I was prepared for anything from dark grey to bright blue or green. I was surprised at how bright the color turned out since my hair was pretty dark and I didn’t do any bleaching during this process.

Here are my thoughts about the process:

  1. No horrible smell- I am used to having strong ammonia smells when dying my hair but this one had additional oils that had to be mixed in the dye that made it smell nice which at first made me skeptical on how strong the color would be.
  2. The package advertises “shimmering color”- the after dye conditioner added glitter to my hair which only lasted until I washed it again but was a cute effect.
  3. It was a fairly quick and clean process that took around and hour and didn’t stain my skin.

I have always heard not to use box dye because it is damaging and the colors never turn out right but if you go in not expecting a specific shade it isn’t that bad. I know that all dye can be damaging and caring for your hair before and after can help reduce the damage. If you do want a very specific shade go to a salon it will also reduce the risk of user error but if you are comfortable enough to do it yourself save money and lower your expectations by doing it yourself.

I liked this product and will probably try the other colors but I won’t tell you whether you should use it or not because everything has pros and cons, you have to decide whether its worth it to you or not.

Let me know what you think of how the color turned out. Would you use a box dye like this one?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday



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  1. knurly says:

    When I was in middle school my parents wouldnt let me dye my hair…so I bought the dye and did it myself. My dad told me it was good that I took initiative. Haha.


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    1. Sometimes it pays off to be a little rebellious 🖤☠️🖤

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