Earworm: no. 2

Does anyone else have a playlist for every type of activity? I have my shower (songs I love to sing along to), work out (high energy), road trip (throwback songs everyone should know), and cleaning (random songs I love) playlists that I listen to most days. Headbanger by Teenage Bottlerocket is currently on my workout playlist because it is very high energy and a faster tempo song feels so much more encouraging to keep going especially on days when I would much rather be sitting on the couch than running on the cross ramp.

The energy isn’t the only reason I love this song. The lyrics are not the political punk that has been so popular since the 70s but reminds me of the punk kids that sat in the corner at parties and judged everyone that walked by no matter who they were. Knowing plenty of heavy metal guys that probably wouldn’t appreciate a punk telling them to slow down with the head banging, doing so would probably result in some sort of fight.

Overall, I see myself as more of a punk than anything else despite my love of witchy fashion and I can’t get enough of this song. Please show Teenage Bottlerocket some love and check them out on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube.

What are some of your favorite punk bands?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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