Outfit of the Week: Baphomet Pentagram Bodycon

Spring is here, my least favorite season. To be clear, I love the weather but I hate the fashion. I black and red are replaced with white and pastels, lace and cotton instead of leather and velvet. All of this means my shopping will have to be done online without much help from my trips to the mall. Hopefully I will be able to find spring pieces that give some inspiration after my initial disappointment wears off but for now here is an outfit dedicated to one of my favorite companies that has a great new spring collection out.

Killstar has some of the best quality body con dresses I have found. No one wants to have visible undergarments caused by a sheer dress. This one hugs my curves without going sheer around my bigger areas and surprisingly the pentagram designs hold up very well to the stretch of the fabric, no cracking or disfiguration.


I also found this amazing handbag that matches perfectly. It is large enough to hold everything I need and has a removable shoulder strap. It is vegan leather but doesn’t feel like plastic which I appreciate.

Wearing these items shows why Killstar is such a huge company for alternative/ goth/ witch fashion. If you haven’t purchased from them and you feel like you fit into one of their target subcultures then you need to trust me and spend the extra money to get away from Hot Topic. Shop here.


Dress- (SOLD OUT) here is one that is similar- Grave Girl Dress

Handbag- Alana

Lipstick- “Masochist” Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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