Outfit of the Week: Let’s Summon Demons

Cold weather and constantly dreaming of spring has fueled my online shopping habit and every part of this outfit was purchased in my last big haul. I love online shopping and coming home to packages, its like Christmas or my birthday except I have to pay for everything.

Since spring weather inspired this outfit I wanted to limit the amount of black, since spring is the season of pastels and white, but I couldn’t resist these boots and how interesting they look with brown trousers. I have never owned a pair of brown trousers like these but for some reason I bought them without knowing if they would go with anything in my wardrobe, or anything else I was ordering that day. It proves that absolutely anything can be made to fit into your style regardless of how you think it should look. I loved the challenge.

Wicked Clothes is a brand that has been advertised to me on Instagram and Facebook a lot but I never really paid much attention because I had my favorite places to get t-shirts and everyone hates ads, but recently I visited their website and had to buy this shirt. I am so obsessed with the ringer style and how the graphic looks like those pictures in old textbooks that everyone drew all over. Who wouldn’t want a shirt with children summoning demons on it?





Lipstick “Dangerous” by Lancome Rouge Magnetic (discontinued)

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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