My Favorite Jewelry


I rarely wear jewelry or accessorize when I put together outfits and I have found it surprisingly difficult to find anything that really appeals to me and my style. I always avoid gold because it makes my skin look yellow and sickly which means silver and black are my pale skin’s best friends. I also have to have the most unique pieces that I can find because who would ever want to look boring or “normal”?

Fossil Watch


I have never been the kind of person that wears a watch every day but I have been obsessed with this one that I got as a gift. It looks kind of odd with the rest of my jewelry since it is a pretty basic watch but it matches my everyday rings and is something that I can wear no matter what outfit I am wearing for the day.

Purchase yours here.


I love chokers and collars because they don’t get in the way of any graphics on tops or dresses and go with any neckline (except turtlenecks, which I never wear anyways). I collect my chokers from Etsy shops and trendy mall stores like H&M and Forever 21. I currently have around 20 chokers and these are my favorites that I wear all the time.

Here is the Etsy shop where I got my Kitten collar, Kawaii Revolution.

Here are a few similar O-Ring Chokers.

Midi Rings

Finding rings has been a struggle. I have to find ones that go well with my wedding ring and my Hawaiian Koa wood ring that I wear 24/7. I love these black rings to add more layers because having rings next to each other makes them rub and the feeling of that bothers me for some reason. These two are from The Rogue & The Wolf which is one of my favorite online shops.

Purchase yours here.


I don’t own many long necklaces but I wear them in fall and winter because they look nice with sweaters but it is important to get the correct length so that they don’t get in the way or end up inside my top.

Visit The Rogue & The Wolf for Cat Skull Necklace

Explore Etsy to find your Dinosaur SkeletonNecklace

While my collection is not as large as I would like, I am happy with what I currently have. What are your favorite places to get jewelry or styles that you love? I would love to check out your recommendations.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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  1. Cat says:

    I love the skeleton dinosaur necklace!

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