Outfit of the Week: Pentagrams in the Snow

There is a heat wave in Minnesota this week. We have made it above 30 degrees Fahrenheit which means everyone is outside without coats and being more active. I walked to breakfast this weekend and it felt amazing to not be bundled up. Sadly it is still snowing but that didn’t stop me from taking photos outside.

This outfit has been great for going out recently since this sweater is so chunky and warm. It also helps that it is one of my all time favorite colors, sickly puke green. I got it from Dolls Kill and it turns everything I pair it with into a great grungy look.

The leggings are by Killstar and they are so comfy. I would wear these every day if I could get away with it. The only downside is that sometimes when I’m putting them on my toes get caught on the fishnet panel. I was pleasantly surprised that the pentagram is actually a fairly heavy metal which makes it feel so much more high quality.

By far my most exciting recent purchase has been my human tooth necklace by Scared Tooth. I love that it is made from an actual tooth and it is beautiful. The shop that I ordered it from is on Etsy and they use teeth, bat skulls, shells, and dried flowers in their products. I can’t wait to order more from them. Each piece is one of a kind since no bone or tooth is exactly alike.






Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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