Local Boogeyman Mystery Box

Mystery boxes have been huge on Ebay for a while but now online retailers have joined the trend and are doing their own versions of these surprise boxes of goodies. Today I received my box from the amazing Local Boogeyman.

Local Boogeyman is one of my favorite companies to get graphic tees from. All of their designs are inspired by classic monsters and horror movies. They also have a huge collaboration with Rob Zombie called Zomboogey which has a ton of designs featuring images and characters from Rob Zombie’s movies. Their site also sells dresses, patches, hats, pins, posters, etc.

The box that I ordered includes one shirt, one hat, one koozie and one sticker for $50. You can pick the shirt color (I picked black tie dye) and size. Everything else is a mystery. In terms of value a t-shirt averages at about $36, a hat is around $25, koozies and stickers are not listed on the site but I would value them at about the same as a patch at $5 each. All of this totals up to about $70 which makes the box a great deal in terms of money but the risk would be getting something you already have or you don’t like.

Order your mystery box HERE

My Box

I am so happy with the items that I received. I really love Frankenstein so the hat and sticker are great. The koozie probably won’t get used very often but I love that it is from the Zomboogey collection and the tie dye is great (I might have to gift that). I am so obsessed with this shirt. It says ADULTS ONLY and the colors make it look very vintage and faded. As always the material is so soft and comfortable. Overall I highly recommend this box if you are considering buying a mystery box.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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