Outfit of the Week: Exposed


I am feeling very colorful today. I hate snow and how grey everything is outside so this outfit is my way of rebelling against the weather.

We had an awful snow storm all day yesterday and my husband got stuck on an exit ramp for about an hour on his way home from work, along with about 30 other cars. All of the towing companies were closed because tow trucks were getting stuck. We accepted the fact that he would spend the night in his car until a state trooper stopped and started pushing (more like launching) cars back onto the road. Tons of cops were doing this all over the city. I just wanted to include this little story to thank them.

Now for the clothes. This shirt is a souvenir from the Atomic Testing Museum in Nevada. I hate when people wear souvenir shirts but I couldn’t resist this one, although I do wish it didn’t have the museum name at the bottom but I do understand why it is there.

My leggings are GWAR merch. If you don’t know who GWAR is, they are a band that is extremely theatrical and have been around for 34 years. Their costumes are amazing, the stage show is great, their music is, well, odd. I have seen them live 4 times but never really listen to their albums. I highly recommend going to a live show even if you have no idea who they are.

Finally, my jacket is one of those items in the “shared” section of my closet. I bought it in the men’s department of Forever 21 in my husband’s size but we both wear it. I am obsessed with the black shoelace details, they remind my of a corset but also sneakers and for some reason it works with the acid wash.







Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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  1. I love this look, it’s so fun and stylish!
Let’s follow each other, darling!
Love from lensembledujour.wordpress.com

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