What Inspires My Style

Like with everyone, I wasn’t born with this style, I take pieces from experiences, music, any thing I am interested in and all of those things together form my personal style. I want to share and briefly discuss some of the biggest influences with you today.

70s Punk

I love punk music and as I get older I agree with the political side more and more but I have always loved the fashion. It is so deliberately anti-fashion. Everything is made from scratch or modified to fit the person wearing it. Safety pins, patches, plaid fishnets and tons of hairspray are the foundation of anarchy to punks.

90s Grunge

I was born in the mid 90s so the decade has a special place in my heart. In my opinion the 90s fashion didn’t really end until like 2005, there weren’t many changes until then and two decades flowed together. Grunge was huge then, especially the “I don’t care” sloppy on purpose fashion. With Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and so many other grunge bands  making it to the radio, it spread like the plague. Oversized and torn everything, flannels, Dr. Martens and Converse barely holding themselves together were major fashion staples.

Nu Goth

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.15.16 AM
Credit: gothic.life

The newest of the goth fashion trends and probably the most hated by traditional goths combines the goth motifs (pentagrams, bats, witches, etc.) with trendy fashion making it more accessible and mainstream than most other types of goth. I personally love it Nu goth combines what I love about goth culture with the punk and grunge fashion that I love. Everything has to evolve, even goth culture.


Out of the four subcultures that I am discussing today Psychobilly is probably the one that is the least widely known about by your average person. Psychobilly combines Rockabilly and 50s housewife fashion with punk rock and horror movies. Think of a pinup girl with tattoos and green hair that is obsessed with Wednesday Aadams. This is another type of fashion that came from a music genre, Psychobilly music is so unique. It is hard to explain so if you are curious I recommend listening to Batmobile or The Cramps, they are my favorite.


I am happy to have shared with you and if you don’t know about some of these I hope you check them out. What inspires your style?

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday



*None of the images used are mine.*

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