Outfit of the Week: Leopard and Flannel


I love mixing patterns and I know a lot of people are scared of it so I wanted to talk about the ways to make sure your patterns don’t clash and why it is essential for your wardrobe.

In my opinion the easiest way to start mixing patterns is to start with two that share a common color, in this outfit it is black. I also recommend a linear with an abstract or floral to make it easy. You can obviously do whatever you want, fashion is always about personal preference and not following the rules, but if you are wary about jumping into putting tons of pattern into one outfit here are a few more basic guides.

Pay attention to scale. Putting a large and small version of the same print together also counts.

Try thinking of stripes and polka dots as neutrals that can go with anything.

Mix like patterns with inverted colors (black with white stripes goes with white with black stripes.)

Pay attention to the color wheel. This applies to everything not just fashion or patterns. Colors go best with the ones directly across from them (blue and orange) or next to them (blue and green/purple).

I am obsessed with flannel so most of my pattern mixing consists of at least one flannel or plaid piece. Doing this creates so many more outfit options for me personally since I rarely have solid, neutral clothing other than my many pairs of black pants and leggings.

I hope this encouraged you to look at your closet a little differently. If you already love doing this, what are your rules for yourself?


Flannel: Urban Outfitters

Top: Forever 21+

Lipstick: “Leo” Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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  1. Salina says:

    I to like to pattern legs I often will pick a color that is in each piece that I’m wearing so that they’re all connected in some fashion. I also try to take into consideration what type of vibe I’m trying to give off with my outfit and take into consideration the texture and weight of the Fabrics that I wear. I will do a large pattern with a small pattern or like to I don’t know boho patterns or to Retro patterns or whatever you know I try to keep the common theme. I will pattern mix or color match all the way down to my socks. I also tend to use a socks as an accessory instead of just a staple because why not they should be fun!

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