1 Dress 3 Ways

Most women have their basic little black dress that sits in the closet ready for when you have an event or date to go to and nothing else to wear, but a plain black dress can get boring. I am in love with this crushed velvet black dress but I wanted to find new ways to wear it so I can incorporate it into my wardrobe more than just when I want to dress up. The following are the three ways that I wore this dress.


First, I added a cute bodysuit. It is a large fishnet material with a mock neck and I was surprised at how well the shades of black matched especially since the materials are so different. The bodysuit didn’t change the overall silhouette but just added a small detail that I really liked.

Next I layered one of my favorite flannels over the dress. A flannel is very diverse in itself so this option has so many ways in which it can be worn. These two are my favorite, however, I like how my shape is more defined in the one on the left.


Finally, I layered with a crop top. I usually stay away from cropped anything because I personally don’t like showing off my belly button or underboob, no shame if you do though, but I had to have this one from Killstar. Sadly the black shades did not match that well but I still wanted to include this option because I actually really like this idea. It reminds me of when I wear pencil skirts and band tees together.

I hope this helped to inspire you to get that dress you never wear out of the back corner of your closet and play with different ways to wear it.

I changed my domain today to http://www.curvyaltgirl.com! Starting on Tuesday everything will be officially changed to that.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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