Mall of America New Years Haul

I love watching haul videos on YouTube and reading blog posts about what other people bought, so when I went to the Mall of America to find every store had a New Year’s sale, I had to make my own. If you have never been to MOA, or don’t live in the US and have never heard of it, the Mall of America is the mall with the most stores in the world and a huge tourist destination. I live about a 15 minutes drive from there. Here is what I got on my first trip of the year:

Urban Outfitters

Clear Glitter Rain Boots: $5

Perfect for the snowy slush and showing off my fishnets.


Skinny Overalls $39

I might put patches all over these when I get motivated to do more DIYs.

Floral Dress $24

I never wear florals but I would love to grunge this up with Docs and a wide brimmed hat. (Maybe for a date night or Valentines Day)


Kat Von D + Billie Joe Armstrong- Basket Case Anti-Precision Liner $19

Obsessed with how this looks! Like a member of a punk band that has worn the same eyeliner for a week.


Asymmetrical Striped Tshirt $15 (from the Men’s Department)

Bought this in my husband’s size so we can both wear it. A great shirt for layering.


Collared Dress $18

Made of a surprisingly thick material and reminds me of Wednesday Addams.

Sheer Button Down Top $26

Sometimes I just want to cover my arms but a jacket or sweater is too hot. I would put this over literally anything in my closet.

I am in love with all of these items. I probably won’t do any outfit of the week posts with any of these since most of them were on sale but they will all be a part of my normal wardrobe.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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