Organizing my Closet

I am always motivated to organize and clean out my closet at the beginning of a new year and this year was a big one. Starting this blog meant lots of purchasing new clothes so that I rarely repeat any pieces and in doing that I have so many items that I used for posts then never wore again or wore once then forgot about.

So, recently I went through everything from dresses and t-shirts to shoes. For some odd reason I decided to organize before deciding what I didn’t want anymore, which I regret doing. So, first, I am going to share how I organized, then, I have a little announcement.

Hanging In my closet are all of my tops and dresses. On the left are my dresses and tunics and I like to organize them by length. Next are rompers and jumpsuits, then jackets. My sweaters are sorted by prints, white, colors, and black. I have a few tanks and crop tops next, I don’t really wear crop tops since, even though I am overall happy with my curves, I do have trouble with my belly. My t-shirts take up the largest section because I am obsessed with band shirts. They are also sorted by color from white, color, grey, then black. On the far right are my work polos and DIY projects. My projects are kind of on their own a they still have pins in them and need sewn.


Under these are the tops that my husband and I share. I don’t think many couples do this but if both of us really like something we buy it in his size since he wears larger clothes and have this section of hoodies, sweaters and flannels that we both wear. They are all a little baggy on me but I love that type of fit when it comes to layering type tops. Most jackets I wear come from this part of the closet.


The last part of the closet that I use is this shelf that contains my Ikea boxes. I use these for all of my bottoms. The left one has black leggings and jeans. I like to have them the most accessible. The middle has all of my colored leggings, skirts and shorts. And lastly is pajamas, swimwear, and my slips and corsets. I didn’t include my bra and underwear storage but that is on the shelf above this one.

I don’t think that a lot of people would think that I have an obnoxious amount of clothing but for our limited storage space it is a bit overwhelming so I will probably be reorganizing and removing items two or three times per year until we move to somewhere with a larger closet.

My announcement is not very exciting or surprising but, I made accounts on Depop and Postmark. I couldn’t decide which one to use so I will be posting a few items on each to see which one I like better and in the future I will delete one of them. All of the items I am removing from my closet will be posted on these. My sizes vary based of the brand but are usually 12-14 and large to 0X. If you are interested in seeing what items I am selling, the username on both is curvyaltgirl.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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