Winter Capsule Wardrobe

If you have been reading for a while, you know that I like to do capsule wardrobes every season. I posted one for fall in September (you can read that here). I use a ton of clothes in my OOTW posts but in my day to day life I usually stick to the same few outfits and I wanted to share my basic 25 pieces with you.


I wear a sweater almost every day because I hate being cold and layering in the winter can make me look like a marshmallow. I prefer to stick with basic, black ones but sometimes include a color.


I do wear other tops that aren’t sweaters, sometimes, but I still like long sleeves. I have really been loving flannels from Urban Outfitters, they have so many different styles and fits that it is almost impossible to find one you will love. I have also been shopping at Forever 21 and Target a lot more lately which is great for my wallet but not as great for diversity in my wardrobe and blog links.


I am guilty of wearing black leggings almost every day but I also like to make pants the most interesting part of my outfit if I am wearing a coat since you can’t see the rest of what I am wearing. My checker sweatpants are my favorite day off pants for lounging on the couch or writing.


I rarely wear skirts when it is cold but sometimes I wear he with tights and thigh high boots so that my legs are still covered. I absolutely love my zombie skirt from Iron Fist that I got this summer and I will hopefully make an OOTW featuring it in the next few months.


Dresses are also rare for me but I always keep options in my closet in case I need them. Basic black with small details are my go to choices for this time of year.


Usually I include layering tops or jackets but I wanted to put coats in this list instead. I know most people stick to wearing one coat all winter but I have to match it to my outfit when I get ready so I like to have varying styles and colors.


This season is when I am constantly wearing boots. My gingham Sorel boots are for work and walking in the snow. Sorel is the best brand for snow boots in my opinion. I also love thighs highs and crushed velvet but be careful that they don’t get much exposure to the elements so they aren’t ruined the first time you wear them.

I hope this gave you some winter wardrobe inspiration and a lot of these pieces are relatively new so look out for them in OOTWs in the next few months.

Thank you so much for reading

See you Tuesday


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  1. Brittle says:

    I love the pink zombie skirt! Where did that come from?


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