Outfit of the Week: Snowy Pastel Pink


It has been snowing almost every day for the past week in Minneapolis and looking out my window, the city looks so beautiful. I really wanted to do an Outfit of the Week post that includes a coat and this is one of my favorites.

My coat is by Betsey Johnson. I have been a huge fan of her for a long time. I got this one last winter and you can still find it in a few stores and online at Amazon. I don’t wear pink very often but for some reason I actually like this color. If you aren’t a fan of the fur collar, it does come off of the coat but I really like it.

I have been trying to do more complicated and neat makeup lately, especially with eyeshadow. I recently received some Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance and immediately noticed a difference in how my eyes looked. I never thought about using an actual primer on my eyes and have always just put a layer of foundation over them instead but I have already bought a full size bottle of the Eyeshadow Insurance. I was also sent some shades of the Urban Decay Special Effects lip toppers. They dry matte and aren’t gritty like some others I have tried. They are perfect for adding some sparkle to a liquid lip.


Coat: Betsey Johnson

Top: Hot Topic

Lipstick: “Skin Tight” Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Lip Topper: “Fever” Urban Decay


Thank you so much for reading

See you Saturday


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  1. Your coat is so cute! I love wearing blush in the winter because it adds the perfect amount of color against the white snow.

    xo Logan

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