Outfit of the Week: Pizza Sweater


Winter in the midwest is sweater weather, if you have a heavy coat. It’s hard to be warm and look good right now but fleece lined leggings and a Killstar sweater definitely help. This top isn’t the softest sweater in the world but it is thick and warm. Also, the melty pizza slices are so cute and yummy, who wouldn’t wear this?

If you live anywhere that gets cold at any point of the year you need to invest in some fleece lined leggings, they will save your legs.

I also recommend these oxford shoes because they are not only comfortable but also go with almost everything which is great if you are someone that doesn’t like to own that many pairs of shoes or just likes to have a few basic pairs.



Sweater- Killstar

Shoes- Target

Lipstick- “Exotic” NYX Lingerie


Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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