Gift Box Idea


In my experience with gift shopping whether it is for the holidays or birthdays, my dad has always been the most difficult person to shop for. This year for Christmas I am trying a new method of gift giving for him, a goodie box. I am giving my box to my dad but you can change it up and give it to whoever you want.


I bought a large box and filled it with things I know he loves. My dad is a fan of beer and since the Minneapolis area, where I live, has so many breweries I got him a few different kinds made in the area along with a beer glass. I also included a jar of Beer Jelly that I got him from the Mob Museum in Las Vegas to go with the beer theme. If your dad is not a fan of beer you can substitute this for coffee and a mug, wines and a glass or whatever the person you are giving the box to loves.


For the next layer of treats I put some Christmasy Peeps. I personally don’t really like Peeps but Dad loves them so I found some filled ones that I thought were interesting along with some regular snowman shaped ones. Also in this layer is a Christmas Story leg lamp kit, it is one of his favorite holiday movies so I had to get him the most dad gift possible from it.


On top is a big box of Lindt truffles because who doesn’t love chocolate? Replace any or all of these treats with whatever goodies your loved one enjoys. I spent around $40 on this box but depending on what you put in yours it could be cheaper or more expensive.

I hope this helped give you an idea for that difficult to buy for person on your list.

Thank you for reading.

See you Tuesday


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