How I Decorated for Christmas


I love Christmas. Being someone that is not religious I like the holidays as an excuse to spend more time with my family and eat a ton of sweets. Winter can be very dreary and I welcome anything that brightens the mood.

This time of year is when my home decor ventures slightly from black and creepy to colorful and sweet, but that doesn’t mean I took down any of the pumpkins or skulls. I put up two trees this year, one large black and champagne themed and the other a small tree with all of our old and personal ornaments.

Tree decorating is time consuming but with some hot chocolate and my Punk Christmas station playing on Pandora I had a great and festive morning in my pajamas. My large tree is prelit because I hate messing with string lights and it took 160 ornaments and about an hour to put together and decorate.

Since my apartment has so much going on already it was kind of difficult to find space for other christmasy things and stockings so I used the entertainment center and now I can’t get any books out until January.


Thank you for reading this short and sweet Chrismas post.

See you tomorrow for a short Dad gift idea post


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