Outfit of the Week: Vampire Bat Velvet


Today is the last OOTW before December and everyone starts posting all things Christmas and even though everyone is going to be colorful and cheery for the holidays I am still going to be my dark and gloomy self.

Getting back to today, I am wearing one of my most fall appropriate dress outfits that includes a long sleeve dress, velvet boots and pantyhose. I feel like most young women are very against pantyhose and I used to hate them because they make your feet smell and they rip so easily but I love how they make my legs look even if I skip shaving.

My boots are from Target and I they obviously aren’t amazing quality but fall and winter in Minnesota is so hard on shoes, especially velvet that they will probably only last a few months anyways.

My dress is by Rogue & Wolf, by now it is probably way too obvious how much I love their jewelry but this is the first item of clothing I have bought from them. It is very comfortable and stretchy and I would definitely buy more clothing from them.


Dress: “Blood Sucker Dress” Rogue+Wolf

Boots: Target

Lipstick: “Sea Seduction” Wet n Wild

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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