My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Youtubers

I don’t know about you but I can spend hours watching makeup tutorials and shopping hauls on youtube. I use them for background noise when I’m working on something or just to watch when I’m home alone and I have a few favorites.

  1. Jade the Libra

  2. Jade is probably the least widely known on this list but out of these five she is definitely my favorite. Her style is most like mine and I would love to raid her closet. Her channel has makeup tutorials, fashion lookbooks and hauls, and tons of other stuff. I highly recommend her videos to anyone that love these kind of videos but really wants that witchy style because for me it was kind of difficult to find good videos like this.

  3. Jeffree Star 

  4. Everyone knows Jeffree Star whether its the makeup line, the music or the drama. It is almost impossible to avoid him and I’m not complaining about it because even though some stuff ends up being controversial I really love his makeup line and his videos are great. Obviously he knows how to do makeup and does great tutorials but what I really love are his reviews and challenge videos because even if I disagree with his opinion and love something (which is rare), all of the videos are very entertaining and fun. Jeffree isn’t a traditional youtuber but it’s obvious that he really enjoys what he does.

  5. Zoella

  6. Zoella is another one that most people that spend any time on Youtube know. She doesn’t just make videos, she also has an adorable beauty line and writes books. I have been watching her for years and she fueled my haul obsession. Zoella has the largest variety of videos out of anyone I have ever seen. No matter who you are you can find at least one video to watch.

  7. NikkieTutorials

  8. Nikkie is a Makeup Artist from The Netherlands that does mostly tutorials and reviews on her channel. Her style is very glam and over the top for me personally but I love watching her mostly because I could never achieve the looks that she does and I think she is very talented. Apart from Youtube she does collaborations with brands and can be hired to do makeup.

  9. Grav3yardgirl

  10. Last but not least on this list is Bunny. I love how funny and weird she is and I feel like she is the kind of person I would be friends with. She is also the only Youtuber on this list that my husband watches with me. We love watching her “Does This Thing Really Work” series and trying weird food (because her reactions are so funny). She does do Outfit of the Days and hauls sometimes, every time I see one I want all of her clothes. Outside of Youtube she has done collaborations to make a eyeshadow palette and a hairdryer/ curling iron set.

I highly recommend all of these amazing people, please go to their channels and give them some love because they all deserve it.

Who are your favorite youtubers?

Thank you so much for watching.

See you Tuesday


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