Outfit of the Week: Leather and Chiffon


This week’s OOTW was inspired by all of the vampire movies I have been watching lately like the Blade and Underworld series. I wanted to capture the dark and sexy element that  is always present in any vampire movie but also have a cool cheesy cape affect with the chiffon skirt.

I did however have the problem that many lovers of black clothing suffer from, none of my black pants could perfectly match the black in my vest. There are so many things that affect the dye, from material to the type of dye used, that it is almost impossible to find a perfect match in my wardrobe.

I don’t usually use props in my photoshoots but we recently bought a cigar box guitar from Lucky Devil Guitars and had to use it. His guitars are handcrafted and, unless he has multiples of the same box, they are one of a kind. I love supporting local businesses and artists, Lucky Devil is definitely one worth checking out.

My shoes are from my favorite online shoe store Sinister Soles. These blood splatter heels are so bold and amazing, I want to wear them with everything. Sinister Soles is an online store that carries many brands and I have to stop myself from spending all of my money on their shoes.

My amazing vest is from Luna Lilly Alternative Boutique they are based in Los Angeles and have everything from tops to leggings to all the witchy accessories you could ever want. I am in love with this vest and so happy to have found a lovely boutique that actually has a good plus size selection, big girls can be dark and witchy too.



Vest: Luna Lilly Alternative Boutique

Shoes: Sinister Soles

Lipstick: “Bawse” by Smashbox

Guitar:  Lucky Devil Guitars


Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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