Halloween in Las Vegas


Last week I got to spend Halloween in Las Vegas and wanted to share my outfits, food and favorite activities from my week. We were there for five very eventful days and if you have not been there, it is not what you think.

Day 1:

Our first day, we arrived in the morning and explored our hotel. We stayed at the Luxor, the Egyptian themed pyramid, it is one of the hotels left from the “family friendly” phase of the strip that had incredible themes that were incorporated into every element of the building (including: Excalibur, Circus Circus, New York New York, Treasure Island, etc.). The hotel was fine but it was obviously in need of some TLC, peeling paint, rusty windows (we could not open the curtains on one window), stained tub, just little things that don’t really matter but I noticed. Also, in many of the hotels on the strip it is almost impossible to get a room on a high floor with a view because they are taken by permanent residents, we didn’t spend much time in the room anyways but just a little note.

On our first walk we realized that the strip is a lot longer than we thought. throughout the whole week we only made it down to Caesar’s Palace which is just a bit over half way.  That evening we went to The Cosmopolitan for alcoholic milkshakes at Holstein’s and dinner at Momofuku. We were going to see Marilyn Manson at the House of Blues but sadly he cancelled because he was still recovering from injuries.

Day 2:

On day two we went on a mission for sweets and shopping. After breakfast at the Luxor’s buffet, which was actually pretty good, we ventured to M&M World and  Coca-Cola World. We ate so much chocolate and tried so many international sodas that I had a stomachache for most of the day. It was worth it. We burned off the sugar rush by walking for a few hours before our dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Cucina. I know that pizza is an odd choice for such an amazing chef but the mushroom pizza was the best I have ever had. Our evening entertainment was Mystére by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island which was an amazing show. Unfortunately I could not take photos because it could distract the performers, and I didn’t even think of my phone because it was so mesmerizing, if you check out their Instagram they have some great photos.

Day 3:

Day three started at Paris, we did not go up into the tower but we walked around the lobby and casino, it is beautiful and the interior is meant to look like you are walking around outside in Paris. Then we explored the Bellagio’s conservatory, shops and of course the fountains. The Bellagio is connected to Caesar’s by skyway, like most of the strip. It is incredible how huge Caesar’s Palace is. It took hours to walk through it. Luckily our dinner reservation for Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill was in there because if it wasn’t we would have missed it.

We made the very long walk to Rio for Penn & Teller, probably my favorite part of the trip, I have watched everything they have ever put on TV or been featured in. After the show they stand in the lobby and stay there until they have met and taken pictures with everyone.

Day 4: Halloween!

I forgot my costume at home and had to improvise this decapitated zombie with some of my extra clothes, my husband’s shirt and makeup. I was far from the only person walking around in costume all day. If you love to be festive this is the place to do it.

We visited the Atomic Testing Museum because I love all kinds of museums and this was very interesting to me. I even got a t-shirt which I usually never do. They had so many things that probably could still do some damage if they weren’t in cases.

That evening was spent at New York, New York. We had some delicious chicken and waffle sandwiches at Bruxie. I need them to open a location at home now. Then, we saw another Cirque show, this time it was Zumanity. While the other show was imagination and childlike themed, this one was very adult and sexual. It was a great alternative to the cheesy burlesque type productions that were all over.

Day 5: The Final Day

On our last day we went to more museums. The first was the Mob Museum that is located in an old courthouse where many mobsters were actually on trial. I love learning about the mafia, they were not good people in general but they actually did a lot to develop many cities and businesses, they controlled so much and I wonder just how different the US would be without them.

We also went to the Neon Museum which also relates to the mafia because they owned and controlled so much of Las Vegas that it is almost impossible to talk about the history of the city without talking about them. This Museum is best seen at night because it is outside and the restored signs are so beautiful. There are many signs still in their original deteriorated state that are just as beautiful. The tour guide was obviously passionate about what she was talking about and knew so much, she was great but sadly I forgot her name.

We finished off our trip by walking down Fremont Street. I was mostly disappointed by this. The beauty of the old casinos and experiencing Vegas from the past was outshone by  the filth. Also, it was much shorter than I had thought. We only spent about half and hour there.


The next morning we left. My overall impression of Vegas was:

  1. It is huge, way more than I had thought by looking at maps and anything on television.
  2. It is strange how one side of the strip is fine to walk down but the other smells like a dumpster and has so many beggars and people trying to sell fake discount tickets that it is impossible to navigate.
  3. Great food, great shows, great weather
  4. Away from the strip, it is just like any other city and if I decided to move west I would consider a suburb of Vegas.

I know this was long and I appreciate anyone that actually made it to the end.

Thank you for reading.

See you Tuesday


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