Outfit of the Week: Neon Cheetah


It is November and already the start of snowy weather here in Minnesota. I absolutely hate snow and escaped to the warmth of Las Vegas this past week and wanted to do one of my favorite outfits from the trip for this week’s OOTW. This was what I wore one of the nights to walk around the strip and wander into whatever building seemed interesting.

My amazing dress from Jawbreaker Clothing is knitted and soft but not too warm for the warm weather. It was so nice to have the zipper in the front and to not have to ask for help or ruin my makeup by pulling it over my head. The style was very 80’s and bright which in my opinion fit in well to Vegas at Halloween time.

I followed the traditional fashion rule of wearing flats with a skirt above the knee instead of heels. I made the mistake of not breaking in these shoes before walking in them all day. I had to  make an emergency sandal purchase later that night and suffer from two blisters on each foot for the rest of the trip. Was the cute worth the pain? Yup. As usual my necklace is by The Rogue & The Wolf and is an adorable cat skull.



Dress- Jawbreaker Clothing

Shoes- Sinister Soles

Necklace- The Rogue & The Wolf

Lipstick- I Heart This Lippie by Colourpop


Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday



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  1. This is a great outfit. Very 80s but in an awesome modern way. I love it!

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