Outfit of the Week: Mesh Frankenstein


It is finally time for another Outfit of the Week. Today’s outfit is pretty simple and a good way to be subtly festive.

My dress is The Nasty Net Dress from Jawbreaker. I am obsessed with it. It is so comfortable and the cute mesh details make it so easy to wear even without jewelry or lots of accessories. However, the mesh strip on the bottom makes it very short, butt cheek short.


My amazing shoes are the Monster Stitch Heels from Sinister Soles. I love them so much that I just wear them around the house. They are made from black and grey patches with bold stitching that reminds me of Frankenstein’s Monster.

The choker is by my favorite jewelry company that I think I talk about in almost every OOTW post, Rogue and Wolf. They recently did a whole new rebranding with a new website and logo, I love it, but my old links in previous posts will no longer work and I will link the new website below. This choker is the Bison Skull Choker and as usual the detail is amazing. It’s like they shrunk and painted a real skull.


Dress- Jawbreaker Clothing

Shoes- Sinister Soles

Choker- Rogue + Wolf

Lipstick- Wet n Wild



I am so excited to show you my Halloween costume next week!

Thank you so much for reading

See you Saturday



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