My Strange Home Decor

Over the past few years my husband and I have collected the strangest collection of art, collectables and random decorations that we have organized throughout our home so that when you walk in it seems normal and slowly gets more creepy, which gets a lot of reactions out of first time guests. Here are some of my favorites:

This drawing is hung by our front door and tells everyone that I want them to leave so I don’t have to. It was drawn by Frank Miller, a newspaper cartoonist from Iowa.

Next, is all of our wedding photos. Does anyone else think it is weird that this is a normal thing? It seems pretty narcissistic to hang these but on the other hand, I paid too much money to not display them.


These are the prints that I have purchased from Art Festivals. The bottom one is a photo of a Sideshow at Coney Island. All of the others are paintings by one of my favorite artists Andy Van Schyndle (last time I saw him he told me I have more of his art in my house than he does). His shop is called Wagalabagala, like him on Facebook to see if he is coming to an art festival near you.


We have now made it to the living room. The “Dead Who Walk” piece was a gift from my sister-in-law, she always makes us cool art for holidays. The other pieces are by Steve Potter, a family friend best known for the Garbage Pail Kids.

Our collectables display includes Pop! Figures, various Mystery mini-figures and other random toys. My favorite is my lego Hellboy.


Above our couch are four monster prints from Friend Prices and lights from Ikea that we turned into a weird lighting fixture. The record and cassette canvases are from Bed Bath & Beyond, the music selections are very strange, I really hope they are photos of someone’s actual music collection.


This is an actual promotional poster for the Evil Dead movie that was used in Japan. I don’t understand it but I own it.


This is the first art print I ever bought and it was made by two of my professors from college that created Midwest Pressed. When I was in school it reminded me that my professors were actual artists and not just mean people pointing out what was wrong with my art.


To finish off this post, here is my husband’s music area. It has all of his CDs and the weird things he has had band members sign. I put my mark on it by adding a cloche with a raven skeleton and Nevermore pillow, all from Target.

My art collection is always growing and even though I rarely make my own anymore I still appreciate the work of others. It will always be a huge part of my life.

Thank you for reading.

See you Tuesday


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